Sunday, April 15, 2012

i think it's time to start looking for a job..

I am almost done with college which means I have to go out into the world and be a real person. This kind of scares me, I am so ready to be done with college and start making money but am I really ready go out there and find a job? My resume looks pretty good I have done two internships in the city but I never really did and real work, pretty much just bitch work. Plus I will be competing with all the other people that went to school in the city and have 10 times more internships on their resumes. But anyway I sent out my resume to my brother over a month ago and still haven't gotten it back. He looks at people's resumes and fixes them if they suck basically, so mine must suck pretty bad. I have never actually done an interview before and that scares me because I feel like I am going to go into one and screw up my chance at getting that job to begin with. I really need to start preparing myself for the real world. I just have to stay positive and go out there with confidence.

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